Cam DeSilva

Graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

(In Progress): Petrologic Evolution of the Antillanca Group Volcanic Field

(In Progress) Studying how the petrology and mineralogy of the Playas Blancas-Negras eruption from the Antillanca Group volcanoes to understand its pre- and syn-eruptive characteristics. Future research will involve 40Ar/39Ar dating on older eruptions from Antillanca and 3He exposure dating on <10ka lavas. This data will constrain the petrologic evolution of Antillanca and will test how glacial loading and unloading has affected the magma plumbing system and eruptions.

(July, 2020) My senior thesis on a long term thermal history of the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. If you’re interested in zircon thermochronology, give it a read!

(July, 2019) Here's my (first ever) poster of my work analyzing the structure and faults of the Santa Rosalia Basin in Baja California. This is a product from the Baja Basins IRES, 2019.

(Feb, 2020) A research poster on the preliminary results from my senior thesis work. Presented at the University of Illinois 2020 SESE Research Review.